Certified Cloud Computing Training Courses Institute In Pune
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Cloud Computing

Cloud technology creates new opportunities and job roles. By enhancing your current skill set to include cloud computing, becoming proficient in delivering files and applications over the Internet. With information technology on the move to the cloud, stay ahead of the pack; make sure you have the cloud services skills you need to continue to be the IT professional.

This course explores the advantages of moving to the cloud and outlines the detailed skill sets IT pros will want to acquire. It describes what the cloud offers and how it applies to and impacts existing infrastructure, including issues such as cost, security, data control, and integrity.

Audience: Cloud Provider and Tenants, Systems and Network Engineers

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Networking, Virtualization and System administration

Duration of the course : 1) Part Time : 1 Month (2Hrs/Day)

2) Full Time : 5 Days (8 Hrs/Day)

  • 1. Defining the cloud computing
  • 2. Understanding the cloud Architecture
  • 3. Understanding Services and Applications
  • 4. Abstraction and Virtualization
  • Cloud Types
  • Cloud Computing stack
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Virtualization Technologies
  • NIST Model
  • Connecting to the Cloud
  • Platform as a Service
  • Load Balancing and Virtualization
  • Cloud cube model
  • Storage as a Service
  • Understanding Hypervisors
  • Deployment Model
  • Identity as a Service
  • Porting Application
  • Service Model
  • Benefits of cloud computing
  • Disadvantages of cloud computing
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  • 5. Using Google Web Services
  • 6. Using Amazon Web services
  • 7. Using Microsoft Cloud Services
  • 8. Cloud Infrastructure
  • Exploring the Google Application portfolio
  • Web services components and services
  • Defining Windows Azure Platform
  • Administering the cloud
  • Exploring the Google Toolkit
  • Working with Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Using Windows live
  • Cloud Management Products
  • Working with Google App Engine
  • Working with Amazon Storage Systems
  • Emerging Cloud Management Standards
  • Understanding Amazon Database Services
  • 9. Understanding Cloud Security
  • 10. Cloud-Based Storage
  • 11. Communicating with the cloud
  • 12. Mobile Cloud
  • Cloud Security
  • Provisioning Cloud Storage
  • Working with productivity software
  • Smartphones with the Cloud
  • Securing the data
  • Exploring Cloud Backup solutions
  • Using Webmail Services
  • Service types Service
  • Establishing Identity and presence
  • Cloud storage Interoperability
  • Using social Networks