Best Institute for PMITS,EC-Council Program Project Management in IT Security Training in India-Pune
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EC-Council’s program on Project Management in IT Security is a highly interactive 2-day class designed to teach Information Technology Security Professionals real time implementation of project management practices in IT security planning. It comprehensively covers corporate security project plan components, costs involved in security, basis for a successful project, limitations of a Project, corporate strategy and IT security and the influence of corporate culture and policies on IT security.

Students will learn to identify different issues arising during an organization-wide security planning and how to avoid and eliminate them.

  • Course Contents
  • Components of Project Management in IT Security
  • Organizing the IT Security Project
  • Developing the IT Security Project Team
  • Planning the IT Security Project
  • Managing the IT PM
  • Building Quality into IT Security Projects
  • Closing Out the IT PM
  • Define a Corporate IT Project Plan
  • General IT Security Plan
  • IT Operational Security Plan